Monday, October 21, 2013

Minutes of first meetup ( 19th October 2013)

Agenda: Connect with other embedded enthusiasts, create a forum for discussions and hold regular meetups/talks/workshops in future
Number of attendees was 31
Venue and any equipment was provided by Stirring Minds.

  • Started with presentation ‘Embedded platform choices’ by Tavish Naruka
    • talked about some of the choices in microcontrollers and linux platforms available for use for an embedded project
  • Introductions of attendees
  • Presentation on “Arduino ecosystem” by Himanshu Bablani
    • talked about how arduino ecosystem is making it easy for new people to use  different sensors; how its making it easy to prototype for an actual product
  • Presentation on internet of things, and connecting sensors to the cloud by Manas Chhabra
  • Narendra Sisodiya discussed about the gap between demand and supply between people in villages or people not the target audience of hardware companies and hardware entrepreneurs, which can be seen by various jugaads they put in use

  • Some things left to discuss for next time were related to local sourcing of components, or manufacture.
  • Places to source components locally, get PCBs manufactured
  • Lists of online stores
  • Shops in Lajpat Rai
  • A presentation added to agenda of a meetup should be labeled with who the target audience is, so people come with right expectations

Presentations and list of attendees will be put up shortly.

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